[petsc-users] The exact Jacobian for ASPIN

Lulu Liu lulu.liu at kaust.edu.sa
Sat Nov 6 06:19:59 CDT 2021

For ASPIN, the local problem F_{j}(x-T_{j})=0 (j=1,2,...N)  is solved. The
exact Jacobian of the preconditioned Jacobian is

It seems that PETSc uses the approximate Jacobian,

I want to implement RASPEN, which requires the exact Jacobian of
ASPIN.  Is there
any easy way to compute J(x-T_{j}) (j=1,2,..N)? How can I get the global
vectors like  x-T_{j}  ? PETSc only provides  the vector x-T_{j} on the
subdomain now.

Thanks very much!

Best wishes,
Lulu Liu


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