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> Hi,
> I use PETSC to solve the unsymmetrical matrix which is formed by the
> incompressible SPH method. Due to the scale of the problem is huge, I want
> to choose the best and the most efficient solver. I have checked the
> time-cost of the pre-conditioner PCGAMG together with the solvers like
> KSPCGS, KSPGMRES, KSPBCGS, KSPTFQMR and KSPGCR, but the difference between
> them is really really small. Except comparing the time-cost, are there any
> other properties that I can compare in order to find the most efficient
> solver? Are there any suggestions about choosing the best solver? Besides,
> I want to further speed the solving process up, are there any suggestions?

Yes, the convergence of an iterative solver is strongly dependent on the
equation you are solving.
We recommend doing a literature search to find what solvers people
recommend. These should be
easy to reproduce in PETSc. Can you write the equation for us?



> Thank you very much!
> Daye
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