[hpc-announce] Workshop - The Taming of the Wolf

Eva Siegmann eva.siegmann at stonybrook.edu
Thu Jun 8 09:46:27 CDT 2023

Workshop @ PEARC23: The Taming of the Wolf - how to use the Ookami
Cray Apollo 80 system and Fujitsu A64FX processors

Learn how to use the HPE / Cray Apollo80 system Ookami (Japanese word for wolf).
The workshop will focus on the characteristics of the Ookami testbed
and the specific architecture of the Fujitsu A64FX processor (the same
as in Fugaku).
The workshop enables participants to get a closer look at this
interesting architecture, understand the challenges and opportunities
it presents, become familiar with the software toolchains and
performance analysis tools, and through hands-on access find ways to
take advantage of this processor.

When: July 24, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM PDT
Where: PEARC23 conference, Portland, Oregon
Registration: Registration is available during the process of
registering for the conference, or reach out to
ookami_computer at stonybrook.edu


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