[hpc-announce] CFP: Second Annual Workshop on Cyber Security in High Performance Computing (S-HPC 2023)

Dutta, Sankha B sankha.b.dutta at pnnl.gov
Wed Jun 7 11:51:18 CDT 2023

Hello Everyone

This is the Call For Participation for Second Annual Workshop on Cyber Security in High Performance Computing (S-HPC 2023). The details are provided below. We warmly invite you for your participation. Thank you.


S-HPC 2023
Second Annual Workshop on Cyber Security in High Performance Computing
November 12, 2023
Denver, Colorado, USA.

Held in conjunction with the International Conference for
High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC23),
Nov 12-17, 2023, Denver, Colorado, USA.

Paper Submission: August 4th, 2023


Security in multi-user, large-scale computing endeavors, including High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud, has traditionally been an "operational" challenge (i.e., restrict access and usage to certified users). However, as more areas of public interest rely on such computing capabilities and infrastructures, a hands-off approach to security in favor of performance and power is becoming imprudent at best. Paired with HPC ís and Cloud computing ís roles as early technology adopters and providers, new early target-worthy vulnerabilities are emerging that are not necessarily found in other computing scenarios that operate with more established technologies.

In addition to early adoption vulnerabilities, the exploits specific to emerging large-scale computing arise from acute hardware heterogeneity, novel network technologies/topologies, and massive resource management orchestration, including power consumption.  On the software side, potential vulnerabilities stem from heavy reliance on open-source software developed by volunteer programmers, experimental software not hardened by numerous deployments and rigorous processes, and dusty deck software deployed with a lack of regular maintenance.  The combination of commercial and single-node exploits creates a new attack surfaces.

This workshop focuses on threats and solutions across the HPC hardware/software stack. These threats include weaknesses in current and future architectural designs, escalation of privileges through data extraction or computation manipulation, and intentional misuse of resources across scientific instruments feeding HPC machines.


We solicit papers on all topics related to security of high-performance computing, from hardware to run-time software to applications. We welcome both papers exploring new attacks and threat models as well as defenses. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Attack Surfaces of large-scale heterogeneous HPC and Cloud systems
* Attack Surfaces created by emergent architectures, including neuromorphic or quantum
* Attack Surfaces created by instruments and sensors feeding critical data to computing infrastructures
* AI vulnerabilities introduced into HPC and Cloud workflows
* Attack Detection methods and their effectiveness in large-scale systems
* Tradeoffs between performance, power, and security
* Confidentiality and Privacy postures
* Security enhanced co-design of novel computing systems
* Security enhanced operation of large-scale systems
* Security enhanced prescriptive programming

Submission Guidelines:

Full submission will be 8 pages long using the same format as the SC23 conference (i.e., using the ACM conference template).  All submitted papers will undergo a rigorous review process, and each will have at least three reviews by the program committee members. Papers will be accepted based on their technical contributions. Submission will be made through the SC submission site through linking (https://submissions.supercomputing.org/).

Accepted papers will be published with the ACM Computer Society in the ACM Digital Library. At least one author of an accepted paper must register for and present the paper at the workshop. In-person presentations are highly preferred

* Paper Submission: August 4th, 2023
* Paper Notification: September 1st, 2023
* Final Paper Due: September 22nd, 2023

Organizing Committees:

General Chairs:

* Andres Marquez, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
* Yang Guo, NIST
* Sean Peisert, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
* Kevin J. Baker, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
* Nael B Abu-Ghazaleh, University of California Riverside

Program Co-Chairs:

* Purushotham Bangalore, University of Alabama
* Amro Awad, North Carolina State University

Publication Chair:

* Yuede Ji, University of North Texas

Diversity Chair:

* Cimone Wright-Hamor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Web Chair:

* Joseph Manzano, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Publicity Chair:

* Sankha Dutta, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Regional Chairs:

* Shuaiwen (Leon) Song, University of Sydney, Microsoft
* Haipeng Cai, Washington State University

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