[hpc-announce] High-Performance, Power-Aware Computing (HP-PAC) Workshop

Bronis R. de Supinski bronis at llnl.gov
Tue Nov 20 21:02:58 CST 2012


 		        Eighth IEEE Workshop on
 	   High-Performance, Power-Aware Computing (HP-PAC)

 			     May 20, 2013

 		 to be held in conjunction with IPDPS
 			  May 20 - 24, 2013
 			  Boston, Massachusetts USA


   High-performance computing is and has always been performance-oriented.
   However, a consequence of the push towards maximum performance is
   increased energy consumption, especially in datacenters and
   supercomputing centers.  Moreover, as peak performance is rarely
   attained, some of this energy consumption results in little or no
   performance gain.  In addition, large energy consumption costs
   datacenters and supercomputing centers a significant amount of
   money and wastes natural resources.

   The main goal of this workshop is to provide a timely forum for the
   exchange and dissemination of new ideas, techniques, and research in
   high-performance, power-aware computing (HPPAC).  HPPAC will present
   research that reduces (1) power consumption, (2) energy consumption,
   or (3) heat generation with little or no performance penalty in
   high-performance computing systems.  In effect, the workshop aims to
   move towards "greener" solutions for datacenters and supercomputing

   Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following.

   . Novel power-aware architectures for HPC
   . Power-aware middleware for HPC
   . Power-aware runtime systems for HPC
   . Reduced power/energy/heat algorithms & applications
   . Surveys or studies of power/energy/heat usage of HPC applications and systems


   The proceedings of this workshop will be published together with
   the proceedings of other IPDPS '13 workshops by the IEEE Computer
   Society Press.


   All papers should not exceed 8 single-spaced, double column pages (US Letter)
   in 10pt font. All papers will be reviewed. Accepted papers will appear in
   the printed program book and CD-ROM proceedings of the main conference,
   IPDPS2013. The submission site is now open.


   Paper submission:	14 January  2013 at 11:59PM EST
   Author notification:	 14 February 2013
   Camera-ready due:	28 February 2013


   Bronis R. de Supinski, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
   Dong Li, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA


   Kevin Barker, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
   Patrick Bridges, University of New Mexico
   Laura Carrington, San Diego Supercomputer Center
   Wuchun Feng, Virginia Tech
   Canturk Isci, IBM
   Rong Ge, Marquette University
   Roberto Gioiosa, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
   Rob Knauerhase, Intel Labs
   Laurent Lefevre, INRIA and University of Lyon
   David Lowenthal, University of Arizona
   Naoya Maruyama, RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science
   Tali Moreshet, Swarthmore College
   Suzanne Rivoire, Sonoma State University

   web: http://ft.ornl.gov/~dol/workshops/hppac13/
   email: lid1 at ornl.gov

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