[Swift-user] surveyor

Jonathan Monette jonmon at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 24 17:32:26 CST 2012

   I am trying to run on survey from communicado.  Below are the config files.  What other options are there for auth.defaults.  I do not have an ssh key set up on surveyor so I can't say 
surveyor.alcf.anl.gov.type=key.  The only other way to access surveyor is with OTP.  Since I am using surveyor as a stepping stone to intrepid(which only has OTP) how do I specify to Swift to use OTP in auth.defaults.  I was trying to use the new ssh-cl provider but that is only for execution.  Swift complains about not being able to create the share directory so I assumed I couldn't say <filesystem="local"/> so I have been trying to change it to ssh.

  <pool handle="surveyor">
    <execution provider="coaster" jobmanager="ssh-cl:cobalt" url="surveyor.alcf.anl.gov" />
    <filesystem provider="ssh" url="surveyor.alcf.anl.gov" />
    <!-- <profile namespace="globus" key="internalHostname"></profile> -->
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="project">MTCScienceApps</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="queue">short</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="kernelprofile">zeptoos</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="alcfbgpnat">true</profile>
    <profile namespace="karajan" key="jobthrottle">21</profile>
    <profile namespace="karajan" key="initialScore">10000</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="jobsPerNode">1</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="workerLoggingLevel">DEBUG</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="slots">1</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="maxTime">900</profile> <!-- seconds -->
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="nodeGranularity">64</profile>
    <profile namespace="globus"  key="maxNodes">64</profile>

surveyor 	echo 		/bin/echo	INSTALLED	INTEL32::LINUX
surveyor 	cat 		/bin/cat	INSTALLED	INTEL32::LINUX
surveyor 	ls 		/bin/ls		INSTALLED	INTEL32::LINUX
surveyor 	grep 		/bin/grep	INSTALLED	INTEL32::LINUX
surveyor 	sort 		/bin/sort	INSTALLED	INTEL32::LINUX
surveyor 	paste 		/bin/paste	INSTALLED	INTEL32::LINUX
surveyor	wc		/usr/bin/wc	INSTALLED	INTEL32::LINUX

type file;

app (file o) echo()
  echo "Hello World!!!" stdout=@o;

file output<"hello.txt">;

output = echo();

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