[Swift-user] mapper for internet resources

Michael Wilde wilde at mcs.anl.gov
Sat Feb 7 10:44:41 CST 2009


 >> Writing files will need to be to the machine where swift is running 

You can write files to any gridftp server by mapping to a gsiftp:// URI, 
as with input.

As far as I understand, the gsiftp provider can support: http, https, 
ftp, and gsiftp URIs, with the gridftp data provider, <gridftp> in 

If the uri works with globus-url-copy I think it will work with the 
gridftp provider.

I think that Swift can also accept other providers from the CoG toolkit, 
such as scp and webdav. See
for using scp.  We should test and document hos to use webdav.

Perhaps Mihael or Ben can verify and clarify the above.

- Mike

On 2/7/09 10:24 AM, Michael Wilde wrote:
> Uri, I took the liberty of replying via swift-user.
> Thats the best place to send these questions.
> Swift can do this already, as below.
> A mapper can map an ordinary file as a local file name (relative or 
> absolute), or an http:// or gsiftp:// URI. (Perhaps others a well, I 
> think, eg, ftp:// depending on the underlying CoG and Globus APIs.)
> - Mike
> ------
> type file;
> app (file f) afniapp (file u) { cat @u stdout=@f; }
> file mydata <"http://www.ci.uchicago.edu/~wilde/mydata.txt">;
> file output <"gotit.txt">;
> output = afniapp(mydata);
> On 2/7/09 3:44 AM, Uri Hasson wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Is there currently a way to use swift mappers to access internet 
>> resources?
>> That is, rather than have a file as input, have a "url" mapper than
>> can manage something like this:
>> AFNI_obj normalized<simple_url_mapper;
>> prefix=@strcat("http://www.mysite.com/somepath/audioTScat_nrmlzdPerChng.",subject,"+orig.")>;. 
>> This would enable us to run a swift script on inputs from other file
>> systems (for Read processes).
>> Writing files will need to be to the machine where swift is running from.
>> Best,
>> Uri
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