[Swift-user] mapper for internet resources

Michael Wilde wilde at mcs.anl.gov
Sat Feb 7 10:24:41 CST 2009

Uri, I took the liberty of replying via swift-user.
Thats the best place to send these questions.

Swift can do this already, as below.

A mapper can map an ordinary file as a local file name (relative or 
absolute), or an http:// or gsiftp:// URI. (Perhaps others a well, I 
think, eg, ftp:// depending on the underlying CoG and Globus APIs.)

- Mike


type file;

app (file f) afniapp (file u) { cat @u stdout=@f; }

file mydata <"http://www.ci.uchicago.edu/~wilde/mydata.txt">;
file output <"gotit.txt">;

output = afniapp(mydata);

On 2/7/09 3:44 AM, Uri Hasson wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there currently a way to use swift mappers to access internet resources?
> That is, rather than have a file as input, have a "url" mapper than
> can manage something like this:
> AFNI_obj normalized<simple_url_mapper;
> prefix=@strcat("http://www.mysite.com/somepath/audioTScat_nrmlzdPerChng.",subject,"+orig.")>;.
> This would enable us to run a swift script on inputs from other file
> systems (for Read processes).
> Writing files will need to be to the machine where swift is running from.
> Best,
> Uri

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