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On Fri, Jan 6, 2023 at 10:03 AM Nicholas Arnold-Medabalimi <
narnoldm at umich.edu> wrote:

> Hi Petsc Users

I apologize. I found this email today and it looks like no one answered.

> I am trying to use the sequence of
> call DMLabelPropagateBegin(synchLabel,sf,ierr)
> call
> DMLabelPropagatePush(synchLabel,sf,PETSC_NULL_OPTIONS,PETSC_NULL_INTEGER,ierr)
> call DMLabelPropagateEnd(synchLabel,sf, ierr)
> in fortran.
> I apologize if I messed something up, it appears as if the
> DMLabelPropagatePush command doesn't have an appropriate Fortran interface
> as I get an undefined reference when it is called.

Yes, it takes a function pointer, and using function pointers with Fortran
is not easy, although it can be done. It might be better to create a C
function with some default marking and then wrap that. What do you want to



> I would appreciate any assistance.
> As a side note in practice, what is the proper Fortran NULL pointer to use
> for void arguments? I used an integer one temporarily to get to the
> undefined reference error but I assume it doesn't matter?
> Sincerely
> Nicholas
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