[petsc-users] win32fe icl won't work

Balay, Satish balay at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Dec 16 18:03:50 CST 2019

The attached configure.log is a link file. Can you resend the log from PETSC_ARCH/lib/petsc/conf

Also can you verify that you followed instructions from https://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/documentation/installation.html#windows
[its not explicitly specified - but you need to run the correct cmd that sets up Intel compiler - instead of the MS compiler]

i.e verify 'icl' works from cygwin/bash - before attempting configure.


On Mon, 16 Dec 2019, Sam Guo wrote:

> Dear PETSc dev team,
>    I tried to compile petsc using intel compiler win32fe icl on cygwin but
> encountered error. By the way, I am able to compile using visual studio
> compiler win32fe cl.
> ===============================================================================
>              Configuring PETSc to compile on your system
> ===============================================================================
> ===============================================================================
> Warning: "with-clean" is specified. Removing all build files from
> arch-starccmplus_s===============================================================================
> TESTING: checkCCompiler from
> config.setCompilers(config/BuildSystem/config/setCompilers.py*******************************************************************************
>          UNABLE to CONFIGURE with GIVEN OPTIONS    (see configure.log for
> details):
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> C compiler you provided with -with-cc=win32fe icl does not work.
> Cannot compile/link C with
> /home/xianzhongg/dev/star/petsc/lib/petsc/bin/win32fe/win32fe icl.
> *******************************************************************************
> BR,
> Sam

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