[petsc-users] Error with KSPSetUp and MatNest

Klaij, Christiaan C.Klaij at marin.nl
Thu Apr 11 06:50:59 CDT 2019


As a happy MATNEST user, I got a bit worried when you wrote "we
should remove MatCreateNest() completely". This happened last
time I tried to use AIJ instead:


Has this problem been fixed in the meantime?


> I think we should remove MatCreateNest() completely. We should have 1
> mechanism for getting submatrices for creation, not 2, so we retain
> MatCreateLocalRef(). Then if -mat_type nest was specified, it gives you
> back an actually submatrix, otherwise it gives a view. This would do
> everything that we currently do without this horrible MatNest interface
> bubbling to the top.
>    Matt

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