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> Hi PETSc developers,
> I wanted to convert my code that in which I was using general Vec/Mat to
> DMDA based grid management (nothing fancy just a 5-point complex stencil).
> For this, I created a DA object and created the global solution vector
> using this. This worked fine.
> Now, I created the matrix using DMCreateMatrix and fill it using the
> regular function. I get no error when I run the problem using mpirun -np 1
> and I thought my matrix filling logic aligns with the DM non-zero locations
> (Star Stencil, width 1). With mpirun -np 2, no errors either. But with
> mpirun -np 4 or 8, I get errors which say : "Argument out of range/
> Inserting a new nonzero at global row/column ... into matrix".
> I would switch over the logic provided in KSP/ex46.c for filling the
> Matrix via the MatSetStencil logic but I wanted to know what I was doing
> wrong in my current code since I've never seen an error that depends on
> number of mpi processes.
> I'm attaching the code ( which works if the matrix is created without
> using the DA, i.e. comment out line 159, uncomment 161/162 and I'm doing
> this on a small grid to catch errors.).

You are assuming a lexicographic ordering of unknowns, but we do not do
that in parallel. There is a manual chapter
about the difference between PETSc and Natural numbering in DMDA.



> Thanks in advance for the help.
> --
> Sajid Ali
> Applied Physics
> Northwestern University

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