[petsc-users] Print the KSP for Schur complement

John johnlucassaturday at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 12:49:21 CDT 2018

Hi PETSc team:

I am trying to analyze my code with which explicitly builds a Schur

I tried to print the inner solver for the Schur complement by calling

MatSchurComplementGetKSP(S, &ksp_s);

However, the info printed on screen cannot fully display the pc info:

PC Object: (pc0_inner_) 48 MPI processes
  type: ml
  PC has not been set up so information may be incomplete
    type is MULTIPLICATIVE, levels=0 cycles=unknown
      Cycles per PCApply=0
      Using externally compute Galerkin coarse grid matrices
  linear system matrix = precond matrix:
  Mat Object: 48 MPI processes
    type: mpiaij
    rows=823875, cols=823875
    total: nonzeros=35031501, allocated nonzeros=35031501
    total number of mallocs used during MatSetValues calls =0
      using I-node (on process 0) routines: found 5615 nodes, limit used is

I tried to run a PETSc fieldsplit, by calling -fieldsplit_p_inner_ flag, I
can get all the inner solver info on screen.

Is there a way to print the solver in the definition of the Schur
complement for the A_00 matrix for my case?


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