[petsc-users] Warning at the beginning of compiling

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Mar 12 06:23:24 CDT 2018

If you want your compiler to use more aggressive optimization, e.g., -O3
-march=native, then you should pass them as

  ./configure COPTFLAGS='-O3 -march=native' --any-other-options-you-might-have

Edoardo alinovi <edoardo.alinovi at gmail.com> writes:

> Dear users,
> what does this warning means?
>  ***** WARNING: Using default FORTRAN optimization flags -g -O
>                                You might consider manually setting
> optimal optimization flags for your system with
> FOPTFLAGS="optimization flags" see config/examples/arch-*-opt.py for
> examples
> thank you very much,
> Edoardo

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