[petsc-users] AMG linear solver with PETSc

Dingwen Tao dingwen.tao at ieee.org
Mon Jul 9 09:36:38 CDT 2018


We have some questions related to Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) method with
PETSc for solving large-scale systems of linear equations. Anyone with
experience can help?

(1) We know that PETSc can be used with HYPRE AMG preconditioner for
solving large-scale linear systems, while HYPRE also has an independent
multigrid linear solver as well. Anyone knows which one is more
frequently used in today's HPC applications? Or both of them are very
commonly used?
(2) Anyone can give us a real HPC application example that uses PETSc with
HYPRE AMG preconditioner or HYPRE multigrid linear solver? We are looking
for a real HPC application as our research's motivation.

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,


Dingwen Tao
Assistant Professor
The University of Alabama
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