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> Dear All,
> I having been trying to add periodic domain functionality to my code. I am
> able to generate a periodic mesh with gmsh and load it using dmplex. The
> problem is that I am unable to have a numbering of the degrees of freedom
> that reflects the periodicity (they are numbered as if there was no
> periodicity).

Why would there be a difference? They should be numbered in the same way.

> I read this thread:
> https://lists.mcs.anl.gov/mailman/htdig/petsc-users/2018-October/036539.html
> There it is mentioned that DMLocalizeCoordinates is required after loading
> the mesh.

Yes, this makes cell-wise coordinates, which have a jump at the periodic

> My questions are the following:
> 1. Is it correct that I need to run DMLocalizeCoordinates on my DM?


> 2. I am currently using petsc4py but I am unable to find
> DMLocalizeCoordinates. Is this functionality missing or is there an
> alternative to it?\

Its possible no wrapper has been written for this yet. Lisandro, is it
missing? (I am at a meeting, or I would check).



> Thank you for your time.
> Kind regards,
> -artur palha

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