[petsc-users] Controlling MUMPS parameters inside PETSC

Evan Um evanum at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 16:59:53 CDT 2017

Dear PETSC-users,

I use parallel direct solver MUMPS inside PETSC and need to control some
MUMPS parameters inside PETSC. For example, I want to set up MUMPS
parameters as shown below.

 id.job=-1; /* Initialize mumps instance*/
 id.par=1;  /* 0: host is not involved in solution processes */
 id.sym=2;  /* 0:unsysm, 2:general symmetric matrix */

How can I access structure similar to id in PETSC? For example, I control
my icntl parameters like this.

PCFactorGetMatrix(pc, &F);
MatMumpsSetIcntl(F, icntl[i], ival[i]);

However, it is not clear about how to control id.par and id.sym. If you
have any experience in controlling id.par and id.sym inside PETSC, I
request your help. In advance, thank you  very much for your help.

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