[petsc-users] ISGetTotalIndices with Fortran

Constantin Nguyen Van constantin.nguyen.van at openmailbox.org
Mon Jun 27 07:50:57 CDT 2016


I'm tring to use ISGetTotalIndices in a Fortran program but I've got an 
undefined reference error message when I compile it :"undefined 
reference to `isgettotalindices_'".
I've also tried to replace IsGetIndices by ISGetTotalIndices and also 
ISGetNonlocalIndices in this example 
but the same error occurs.
The "nm /lib/libpetsc.so |grep ISGetTotal" command returns 
"000000000031a7ab T ISGetTotalIndices" so that the symbol is there and 
nothing seems to be missing.

Are those routines available in Fortran?

Thank you.

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