[petsc-users] Memory and Speed Issue of using MG as preconditioner

Dave May dave.mayhem23 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 02:07:43 CST 2013

Hey Alan,

1/ One difference in the memory footprint is likely coming from your coarse
grid solver which is redundant LU.
The 2 level case has a coarse grid problem with 70785 unknowns whilst the 5
level case has a coarse grid problem with 225 unknowns.

2/ The solve time difference will be affected by your coarse grid size. Add
the command line argument
to profile the setup time spent on the coarse grid and all other levels.

3/ You can change the smoother on all levels by using the command line
argument with the appropriate prefix, eg
  -mg_levels_ksp_type cg
Note the prefix is displayed in the result of -ksp_view

Also, your mesh size can be altered at run time using arguments like
-da_grid_x 5
You shouldn't have to modify the source code each time



On 6 November 2013 04:21, Alan <zhenglun.wei at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I hope you're having a nice day.
> Recently, I came across a problem on using MG as preconditioner.
> Basically, to achieve the same finest mesh with pc_type = mg, the memory
> usage for -da_refine 2 is much more than that for -da_refine 5. To my
> limited knowledge, more refinement should consume more memory, which is
> contradict to the behavior of pc_type = mg in PETsc.
> Here, I provide two output files. They are all from
> /src/ksp/ksp/example/tutorial/ex45.c with 32 processes.
> The execute file for out-level2 is
> mpiexec -np 32 ./ex45 -pc_type mg -ksp_type cg -da_refine 2
> -pc_mg_galerkin -ksp_rtol 1.0e-7 -mg_levels_pc_type jacobi
> -mg_levels_ksp_type chebyshev -dm_view -log_summary -pc_mg_log
> -pc_mg_monitor -ksp_view -ksp_monitor > out &
> and in ex45.c, KSPCreate is changed as:
> ierr =
> On the other hand, the execute file for out-level5 is
> mpiexec -np 32 ./ex45 -pc_type mg -ksp_type cg -da_refine 5
> -pc_mg_galerkin -ksp_rtol 1.0e-7 -mg_levels_pc_type jacobi
> -mg_levels_ksp_type chebyshev -dm_view -log_summary -pc_mg_log
> -pc_mg_monitor -ksp_view -ksp_monitor > out &
> and in ex45.c, KSPCreate is changed as:
> ierr =
> In summary, the final finest meshes obtained for both cases are
> 257*129*129 as documented in both files. However, the out-level2 shows
> that the Matrix requested 822871308 memory while out-level5 only need
> 36052932.
> Furthermore, although the total iterations for KSP solver are shown as 5
> times in both files. the wall time elapsed for out-level2 is around
> 150s, while out-level5 is about 4.7s.
> At last, there is a minor question. In both files, under 'Down solver
> (pre-smoother) on level 1' and 'Down solver (pre-smoother) on level 2',
> the type of "KSP Object: (mg_levels_1_est_)" and "KSP Object:
> (mg_levels_2_est_)" are all 'gmres'. Since I'm using uniformly Cartesian
> mesh, would it be helpful to speed up the solver if the 'gmres' is
> replaced by 'cg' here? If so, which PETSc option can change the type of
> KSP object.
> sincerely appreciate,
> Alan
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