[petsc-users] updated version / slower execution

Nakib Haider nakib.mojojojo at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 23:52:42 CDT 2012


I updated from 3.0.0-p12 to 3.3-p2. After updating my code to run on the 
new version, I noticed that it runs significantly slower on a Intel Core 
i3-2330M (2.2 GHz) machine (running petsc 3.3-p1) than on an old Pentium 
Dual-Core CPU T4200  (2.0 GHz) machine (running petsc 3.0.0-p12). The 
code is not parallel. Any suggestion on why this is happening will 
greatly help me.

Thank you

Nakib Haider
Graduate Student
MCD 304
Department of Physics
University of Ottawa

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