[petsc-users] Segmentation fault when using matlab interface

De Groof, Vincent Vincent.De-Groof at uibk.ac.at
Fri Aug 17 03:25:49 CDT 2012


I'm trying to use the Petsc objects directly from Matlab. However, when testing the examples in the /bin/matlab/classes/examples/tutorials-directory, I get a segmentation fault (core dump) error. Unfortunately, I don't get more information then this. After running some different situations, I know the following:
I ran matlab both with and without desktop. The only error message I get is the segmentation fault. Sometimes it doesn't give the segmentation error after running the example. If so, it will cause a segmentation fault upon entering the next command in the matlab shell. If I quit matlab immediately after running an example without segmentation fault, my unix shell will hang.

I know it's kind of vague, but this is all I know now. Any suggestions to look at to solve this problem?

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