Petsc parallel vectors with two communicators

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> Hi
> Can the petsc parallel vectors be used with two different communicators?
> For instance, I have created two different communicators called FEA_Comm and
> FSI_Comm. The total number of processes are x+y. FSI_Comm works on x+y but
> FEA_Comm works only on x.
> Now I am trying to create parallel vectors a1 and a2 such that a1 has
> entries from x+y processes but a2 has entries from only y processes.
> After splitting the communicators I assign PETSC_COMM_WORLD to FEA_Comm
> which works on only x processes. Subsequently petsc is initialized
> (PetscInitialize()). But when the parallel vectors are created, the
> processes hang.

PETSC_COMM_WORLD should encompass all processes you wish to use in PETSc, so
that means x+y. You can create Vec
objects on subcommunicators, like x.


> Any suggestions will be helpful
> Thankyou
> Irfan
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