colloboration with an academic team

Ravi rxk at
Thu Aug 7 18:33:07 CDT 2008

Dear All,
          This is Ravi Kannan, Research Engineer at CFD Research
Corporation, Huntsville. We have been using PETSc for quite a while and have
had great deal of success.

          We are looking to “Test and verify” numerical toolkits for linear
algebra for large-scale problems using PETSc. Some of the benchmark cases

1.	Handling large dense unsymmetrical matrices; for instance, like those
encountered in radiation surface-2-surface modeling and in boundary element
2.	Benchmark of implicit algorithms in thermal and structural analysis.
3.	Scalability, precision and round-off studies on serial and parallel
4.	Benchmark on indefinite matrices

           We are looking for an academic team, (with experience in PETSc
usage) who would be interested in collaborating with us.

           Feel free to contact us


Ravi Kannan
Research Engineer
CFD Research Corporation
215 Wynn Drive, Suite 501
Huntsville, AL  35805
rxk at

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