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Wed Aug 6 03:54:07 CDT 2008

Quoting Matthew Knepley <knepley at>:

> 2008/7/22 LECAS Dimitri <dimitri.lecas at>:
>> Hi
>> I'am building a matrice (MPISBAIJ) in two steps, the first one i add many
>> contributions with MatSetValue and the flag ADD_VALUES, and the last step i
>> put boundary conditions using the flag INSERT_VALUES.
>> I want to understand how to use MatAssemblyBegin and MatAssemblyEnd. Do I
>> have to put between the two steps call to MatAssemblyBegin and
>> MatAssemblyEnd with MAT_FLUSH_ASSEMBLY flag and after the last step call to
>> MatAssemblyBegin and MatAssemblyEnd with MAT_FINAL_ASSEMBLY flag ?
> 1) FLUSH allows you to change the insertion mode, and flushes the   
> communication
>     buffers. FINAL does the same and compresses the matrix, etc. What
> you propose
>     should work.

Yes it's work.

> 2) If you are just setting some rows to the identity, you might
> consider MatZeroRows().

Yes, i'am just setting one in diagonal and zero for others  
extradiagonals values.
I try to use MatZero, but i have got an error saying that it's not  
possible to call this with MPISBAIJ matrix.

I use MatSetValue to do this but it add all zero value in the matrix  

So now, i have to build my matrix in csr, and give it to Petsc via  
MatSetValues call.

Dimitri Lecas


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