[petsc-dev] How do I see the gcov results?

Aagaard, Brad T baagaard at usgs.gov
Thu Jun 25 09:34:35 CDT 2020

Are you opposed to using codecov.io to compile the results and generate plots?


On 6/24/20, 4:17 PM, "petsc-dev on behalf of Scott Kruger" <petsc-dev-bounces at mcs.anl.gov on behalf of kruger at txcorp.com> wrote:

    For more detail, Stage 4 of the pipeline ("analyze-pipeline") has all of 
    the gcov data and you can download it from the right side after clicking 
    "Download" from "Job Artifacts" tab.  This is handled by the 
    .gitlab-ci.yml file (search for gcov).

    If someone knows how gcov outputs it's data and how to upgrade the 
    lib/petsc/bin/maint/gcov.py to read in the data as gitlab organizes it 
    and then output the html/figures, then we'd have it done (locally.  To 
    upload to wiki or other gitlab display would require more work on the 
    gitlab-ci.yml file).

    I spent quite a few hours on it, and got stuck.  It requires 
    understanding gcov to a degree that was interfering with other priorities.

    If someone has the knowledge or inclination, it's a good problem to solve.


    On 6/24/20 2:39 PM, Satish Balay via petsc-dev wrote:
    > Its not yet setup in the current CI
    > Satish
    > On Wed, 24 Jun 2020, Matthew Knepley wrote:
    >> Thanks,
    >>     Matt

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