[petsc-dev] Why no SpGEMM support in AIJCUSPARSE and AIJVIENNACL?

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Wed Oct 2 23:11:18 CDT 2019

Do you have any experience with nsparse?


I've seen claims that it is much faster than cuSPARSE for sparse
matrix-matrix products.

Karl Rupp via petsc-dev <petsc-dev at mcs.anl.gov> writes:

> Hi Richard,
> CPU spGEMM is about twice as fast even on the GPU-friendly case of a 
> single rank: http://viennacl.sourceforge.net/viennacl-benchmarks-spmm.html
> I agree that it would be good to have a GPU-MatMatMult for the sake of 
> experiments. Under these performance constraints it's not top priority, 
> though.
> Best regards,
> Karli
> On 10/3/19 12:00 AM, Mills, Richard Tran via petsc-dev wrote:
>> Fellow PETSc developers,
>> I am wondering why the AIJCUSPARSE and AIJVIENNACL matrix types do not 
>> support the sparse matrix-matrix multiplication (SpGEMM, or MatMatMult() 
>> in PETSc parlance) routines provided by cuSPARSE and ViennaCL, 
>> respectively. Is there a good reason that I shouldn't add those? My 
>> guess is that support was not added because SpGEMM is hard to do well on 
>> a GPU compared to many CPUs (it is hard to compete with, say, Intel Xeon 
>> CPUs with their huge caches) and it has been the case that one would 
>> generally be better off doing these operations on the CPU. Since the 
>> trend at the big supercomputing centers seems to be to put more and more 
>> of the computational power into GPUs, I'm thinking that I should add the 
>> option to use the GPU library routines for SpGEMM, though. Is there some 
>> good reason to *not* do this that I am not aware of? (Maybe the CPUs are 
>> better for this even on a machine like Summit, but I think we're at the 
>> point that we should at least be able to experimentally verify this.)
>> --Richard

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