[petsc-dev] do PETSC_VIEWER_{HDF5,BINARY}_ need to exist?

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Wed May 8 07:02:07 CDT 2019

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> Hello
> I just encountered their manpages and it's a mess. I think in case of file
> I/O, a user should be deliberate about filename and other settings.
> Sometimes less is more and I think this is the case. Why anybody should use
> PETSC_VIEWER_BINARY_(comm) and then set the filename with environment
> variable? Better to use PetscObjectViewFromOptions for instance
> (PETSC_OPTIONS can be used if one wants to use env var).
> (And BTW in case of HDF5, the option -viewer_hdf5_filename is not
> processed anywhere.)
> Any objections about removing these?

I am fine with it. The new system is better.

Since these are user interface, we should deprecate them somehow. Will the
normal deprecation work?



> Vaclav

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