[petsc-dev] How to generate doc locally ?

Karl Rupp rupp at iue.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Jul 17 08:56:23 CDT 2017

Hi Franck,

> But still failing with this kind of error:
> processing file : /home/fghoussen/Documents/INRIA/petsc//docs/installation.html
> if  [ "" != "" ]; then\
>            export MATLABPATH=:/home/fghoussen/Documents/INRIA/petsc/share/petsc/matlab; \
>            cd /home/fghoussen/Documents/INRIA/petsc/share/petsc/matlab;  -nodisplay -nodesktop -r "generatehtml;exit" ; \
>          fi
> Updating generated html files with petsc version, date, canonical URL info
> find: unknown predicate `-o -type f -wholename share/petsc/saws/linearsolveroptions.html -prune -o -type f -wholename tutorials/HandsOnExercise.html -prune -o -type f -wholename tutorials/TAOHandsOnExercise.html -prune'
> Try 'find --help' for more information.
> Done fixing version number, date, canonical URL info
> Not such a big deal, I will use the online doc (sometimes convenient to have doc when offline but this is not so important).

If I remember correctly, this occurs at a fairly late stage of building 
the docs, so you should have all the manual pages available on your 
machine already.

I can reproduce the above on my machine, but don't know what is causing 
the problem. Satish, does this look familiar to you, since it's 
presumably related to adding PETSc version, date, and canonical URL info?

Best regards,

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