[petsc-dev] How to generate doc locally ?

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Jul 17 13:27:55 CDT 2017

On Mon, 17 Jul 2017, Karl Rupp wrote:

> Hi Franck,
> > But still failing with this kind of error:
> > processing file :
> > /home/fghoussen/Documents/INRIA/petsc//docs/installation.html
> > if  [ "" != "" ]; then\
> >            export
> >            MATLABPATH=:/home/fghoussen/Documents/INRIA/petsc/share/petsc/matlab;
> >            \
> >            cd /home/fghoussen/Documents/INRIA/petsc/share/petsc/matlab;
> >            -nodisplay -nodesktop -r "generatehtml;exit" ; \
> >          fi
> > Updating generated html files with petsc version, date, canonical URL info
> > find: unknown predicate `-o -type f -wholename
> > share/petsc/saws/linearsolveroptions.html -prune -o -type f -wholename
> > tutorials/HandsOnExercise.html -prune -o -type f -wholename
> > tutorials/TAOHandsOnExercise.html -prune'
> > Try 'find --help' for more information.
> > Done fixing version number, date, canonical URL info
> > 
> > Not such a big deal, I will use the online doc (sometimes convenient to have
> > doc when offline but this is not so important).
> If I remember correctly, this occurs at a fairly late stage of building the
> docs, so you should have all the manual pages available on your machine
> already.
> I can reproduce the above on my machine, but don't know what is causing the
> problem. Satish, does this look familiar to you, since it's presumably related
> to adding PETSc version, date, and canonical URL info?

Normally its run as:

The reason for this option is - the above target modifies some of the
html files that are tracked by git repo.  So if one builds docs in
their clone - and doesn't notice this - they can end up adding these
modifications to a git commit.

>From the error message - it appears that 'find' is treating the whole
string as a single option [instead of multiple options listed
there]. Perhaps there are superfluous quotes. I'll check.

Note: our downloadable source tarballs have all the docs built - [i.e
the same stuff as on the website] so downloading that would be an
alternative [to building docs locally].

But sure - some of the docs can be slightly off sync - depending on
the version/branch that is of interest..


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