[petsc-dev] How to generate doc locally ?

Karl Rupp rupp at iue.tuwien.ac.at
Sun Jul 16 10:26:07 CDT 2017

Hi Franck,

> Following, the online doc, I have configured PETSc with: ./configure 
> --download-sowing --download-c2html
> Now, I run:
>  >> make alldoc LOC=/path/to/petsc

that looks fine. There are also subtargets 'alldoc1', 'alldoc2', etc. 
available if you need finer granularity.

> I get lots of errors like this along the way (I don't even know that's a 
> cit file !):
> html in: /home/fghoussen/Documents/INRIA/petsc/tutorials
> sed: can't read 
> /home/fghoussen/Documents/INRIA/petsc//docs/manualpages/manualpages.cit: 
> No such file or directory
> /home/fghoussen/Documents/INRIA/petsc/lib/petsc/conf/rules:699: recipe 
> for target 'html' failed
> make[2]: [html] Error 2 (ignored)
> And finally breaks like this:
> Updating generated html files with petsc version, date, canonical URL info
> find: unknown predicate `-o -type f -wholename 
> share/petsc/saws/linearsolveroptions.html -prune -o -type f -wholename 
> tutorials/HandsOnExercise.html -prune -o -type f -wholena
> me tutorials/TAOHandsOnExercise.html -prune'
> Try 'find --help' for more information.

Can you please send us the complete output? The .cit file is an 
intermediate result file, so the source of the error is at an earlier stage.

Best regards,

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