[petsc-dev] configuring on Titan

Mark Adams mfadams at lbl.gov
Tue Jan 14 07:06:45 CST 2014

I'm trying to configure on Titan.  It tells me to run the compute node job
but when I run the resulting reconfigure script it tells me to
run conftest-arch-titan-opt again (infinite loop).  So I do:

mv ./conftest-arch-titan-opt $MEMBERWORK/env003/

adams/env003> aprun -n 1 ./conftest-arch-titan-opt

mv $MEMBERWORK/env003/reconfigure-arch-titan-opt.py .
vi ./reconfigure-arch-titan-opt.py

I need to edit reconfigure:

                ERROR in COMMAND LINE ARGUMENT to ./configure
The option --known-mpi-int64_t should probably be --known-mpi-int64-t

I just delete this line.  The correct one seems to be there also.

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