[petsc-dev] Sean is going to love this

Sean Farley sean.michael.farley at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 18:46:29 CST 2014

Jed Brown writes:

> Sean Farley <sean.michael.farley at gmail.com> writes:
>> An end-user would then use pkg-config or a PETSc-provided script for
>> compiling and linking,
>> $ pkg-config --libs petsc
>> -L/opt/local/lib -lnetcdf -lpetsc -L/opt/local/lib/mpich-mp -lmpi -lpmpi
> This actually exists in lib/share/pkgconfig/PETSc.pc.  This is okay if
> there will be only one version of PETSc installed to a standard
> location, but not if you want multiple installs (debug/opt,
> mpich/openmpi, etc.).  I wish there was an established convention for
> this.
> We actually ensure that debug and opt have the same ABI so the user can
> switch them using LD_PRELOAD or LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Silly me, I have forgotten to install this file for a while now. I'll
fix this promptly.

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