[petsc-dev] Coding style and its violations...

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 15 15:43:43 CST 2013


>         Some projects (e.g., moose) reject a noncompliant push.  The
>         committer can then rewrite the patch locally before it is
>         published and resubmit.
>     IIRC, this is done server-side, but with a DVCS, that's too late (or
>     causes the "pusher" a lot more trouble). Hg and Git both support
>     client-side commit hooks.
> The upside is that setting the check server-side you ensure it is run.
>   Otherwise you have to rely on each committer to configure it locally.

Yeah, that was my intention. We can certainly provide instructions to 
set a commit-hook, but it's the user's responsibility to set this up. 
The only way to enforce compliance is on the server's side. And yes, 
even though we are using a DVCS, we have a central repository where 
finally all commits are fed to.

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