where should config/configure.py put its log

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Dec 17 19:25:47 CST 2008

   Currently, make all results in the log file in $PETSC_ARCH/conf  
regardless of whether the
make is good or bad

   Meanwhile config/configure.py puts the running logfile into  
configure.log and ON SUCCESS
it moves the result to $PETSC_ARCH/conf

   I don't think this is best. I propose that configure.log be built  
directly in $PETSC_ARCH/conf
1) When we tell people to send us configure.log we don't have to say:  
"if config/configure.py failed
send us configure.log if it succeeded send us $PETSC_ARCH/conf/ 
configure.log" This will be confusing
to people who may not even understand if it succeeded or not.
2) consistency, it is confusing to have it done differently from the  

  Any good reasons why this is a bad idea?


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