BuildSystem for PETSc+TAO

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl at
Fri Dec 12 13:50:42 CST 2008

When using petsc-2.3.3+tao-1.9, TAO does require that PETSc be built
with C++. I believe this is just because a PETSc built with C cannot
always provide enough info to TAO makefiles about the C++ compiler...
However, when PETSc is built with a external that requires C++/mpicxx,
then it seems some C++ stuff is configured even when core PETSc is
compiled with C/mpicc.

IMHO, this is a bit annoying, and could be done better and probably
with no too much work...

Could PETSc BuildSystem try to configure both C and C++ despite the
actual value of --with-clanguage ?? Does this make sense?

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