removing f77 support from PETSc?

Mehdi Bostandoost mbostandoust at
Wed Apr 23 20:39:05 CDT 2008

  thats a good idea.
  Since you want to move to f90 ,it would be great if you could design new f90 function interfaces,in a way that they are capable of type argument checking as well.

Barry Smith <bsmith at> wrote:
Since there are two seemingly ok free f90 compilers is there any 
reason for PETSc to continue
to support f77 or should we remove this support, for example change 
VecGetArrayF90() to VecGetArray()
etc and combine the *.h and *.h90 files?

I think so.

Should we go further and move most of the header code (parmeters, 
common blocks etc) into
Fortran modules and just put the few things in include files that 
cannot go into modules like
#define PetscScalar real8

Seems reasonable also to me.


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