removing f77 support from PETSc?

Nicolas Tardieu niko.karin at
Wed Apr 23 20:48:53 CDT 2008


By doing so, will the f90 interfaces be usuable in f77 programs (using a f90
compiler, of course)?


2008/4/23, Barry Smith <bsmith at>:
>  Since there are two seemingly ok free f90 compilers is there any reason
> for PETSc to continue
> to support f77 or should we remove this support, for example change
> VecGetArrayF90() to VecGetArray()
> etc and combine the *.h and *.h90 files?
>   I think so.
>  Should we go further and move most of the header code (parmeters, common
> blocks etc) into
> Fortran modules and just put the few things in include files that cannot
> go into modules like
> #define PetscScalar real8
> etc?
>   Seems reasonable also to me.
>   Barry
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