Compiling on Solaris 10 for X86

Yi-Feng Adam Zhang Adam.Zhang at Sun.COM
Thu May 10 23:22:44 CDT 2007

Hi Satish,

Yes. I just finished the compilation, including BLAS, LAPACK and MPICH 
and the test stage (bundled in the makefile) with GCC and Sun Studio.
PETSc performs great. The code is very wonderful, cross multi-platform 

I hope I can maintain a stable Solaris release for PETSc. However my 
team is very new. Lots of things are still under determination.
I will update you via this petsc-dev alias later if I have a firm plan.

Thank you!


Satish Balay wrote:
> On Fri, 11 May 2007, Yi-Feng Adam Zhang wrote:
>> I am a Software Engineer, working for Sun Microsystems. My team is
>> called Open Source Team. Our intend or goal is to make some
>> significant invest on Open Source Community to support them to make
>> their software or solution available on Solaris and Sun Grid. Both
>> of them are open sourced now:,
>> and
>> PETSc is a well known with high-profile community in Scientific
>> Computing area. I'd like to port PETSc to Solaris OS 10 for X86
>> Platform and make it available on Sun Grid Compute Utility which is
>> available from . If everything is OK both on
>> technical side and license side.
> I don't think there is an issue with redistribution from the license
> side.
> And PETSc compiles on may platforms with different types of compilers
> [including sparc-solaris, sun compilers on linux etc..], so I don't
> see any technical issues with here.
>> I'd like to release a Solaris Package on the Internet, Maybe PETSc
>> website, or other 3rd party
>> website. So the developers including Solaris developers or Sun Grid
>> Developers can use or adopt the PETSc with a already-built Solaris
>> Package.
> PETSc keeps evolving with patch updates and new releases every so
> often. Do you see the work of providing "PETSc for opensolaris
> binaries" as a continues package maintainance effort? [or just a one
> time port..]
> Its just that one time ports have been attempted before - and they get
> out-of-date before they were even released [so they were not very
> useful]
>> BTW, I find I can't subscribe or use another alias:
>> petsc-maint at which is mainly for installation &
>> compilation questioning. Is this alias still working?
> This address is still valid and used for all correspondence to petsc
> developers - thats not appropriate/relavent to public mailing lists.
> Satish

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