Compiling on Solaris 10 for X86

Satish Balay balay at
Thu May 10 22:05:46 CDT 2007

On Fri, 11 May 2007, Yi-Feng Adam Zhang wrote:

> I am a Software Engineer, working for Sun Microsystems. My team is
> called Open Source Team. Our intend or goal is to make some
> significant invest on Open Source Community to support them to make
> their software or solution available on Solaris and Sun Grid. Both
> of them are open sourced now:,
> and
> PETSc is a well known with high-profile community in Scientific
> Computing area. I'd like to port PETSc to Solaris OS 10 for X86
> Platform and make it available on Sun Grid Compute Utility which is
> available from . If everything is OK both on
> technical side and license side.
I don't think there is an issue with redistribution from the license

And PETSc compiles on may platforms with different types of compilers
[including sparc-solaris, sun compilers on linux etc..], so I don't
see any technical issues with here.

> I'd like to release a Solaris Package on the Internet, Maybe PETSc
> website, or other 3rd party
> website. So the developers including Solaris developers or Sun Grid
> Developers can use or adopt the PETSc with a already-built Solaris
> Package.

PETSc keeps evolving with patch updates and new releases every so
often. Do you see the work of providing "PETSc for opensolaris
binaries" as a continues package maintainance effort? [or just a one
time port..]

Its just that one time ports have been attempted before - and they get
out-of-date before they were even released [so they were not very

> BTW, I find I can't subscribe or use another alias:
> petsc-maint at which is mainly for installation &
> compilation questioning. Is this alias still working?

This address is still valid and used for all correspondence to petsc
developers - thats not appropriate/relavent to public mailing lists.


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