[mpich-discuss] I have a MPICH2 question!!

김재후 timidjaewho at naver.com
Sun Nov 8 04:25:10 CST 2009

I am a student studying mpich2 from korea.
but i have one problem.
mpdboot_node0 (handle_mpd_output 401): failed to connect to mpd on node1.
this message occurs at node0 boot mpd with node1
 mpdboot_node1 (handle_mpd_output 393): failed to handshake with mpd on node1; recvd output={}
this message occurs at node1 boot mpd with node0
I have been using mpich2-1.0.8p1 and 20 nodes
but the root is connected all nodes.
but i don't know how to connected general account...T_T
please give a straight answer!! Please!!!!!!!
Please reply as soon as possible.
and i'm sorry for the uninitiated English.
Please send the mail to this address.
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