[mpich-discuss] MPICH2 mpiexec console window on XP?

Raymond L Swartz Raymond.L.Swartz at aero.org
Mon Apr 14 16:24:48 CDT 2008


I've just updated to MPICH2 1.0.7 for a project we have here (which has 
been running with the previous version just fine) and notice some new 

When the job starts up now, in addition to the standard GUI we expect, we 
are seeing a 'console ' window with the title C:/Program 

This window does not show up if we launch the executable as 'mpiexec 
-localonly 2 <executable>'.  It only appears if we launch the executable 
without the mpiexec invocation '<executable>' (nominally, to run as a 
single-process job).

This is new behavior.  Previously we never saw this window.  The console 
window is blank, and nothing appears in it.

Is there a compile-time way to turn it off?

If it matters, we are building the application in VC++, and using Qt4 as 
the GUI library.

Ray Swartz
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