[MPICH] MPI Program in C++ Compilation problem

Rajeev Thakur thakur at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Apr 18 17:18:38 CDT 2006

It's probably because the NFS on your machine is very slow. mpicc and mpiCC
are just simple scripts that call the real C and C++ compilers. If your
MPICH installation or code is on a slow NFS volume, it will take time to

Also, 1.2.5 is a very old version of MPICH. You should use MPICH2 instead.


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> Hi all
> I am new to parallel computing and working on a cluster using 
> the version 1.2.5.
> I made two programs recently, one in C and the other in C++, 
> the compilation of
> C program takes a lot of time while the C++ compiler never 
> actually terminates
> i.e is not able to form an executable file. The sommand 
> windows for the
> compilation are
>  [styagi at borelli Mpi]$ mpiCC -o hello++ hello++.cc
> nothing seems to be happening after this, command window for 
> C program is
> [styagi at borelli Mpi]$ mpicc -o hello++ hello++.c
> the C program is compiled but after a very long time. Please 
> help me in this
> regard so as to shorten the time for compilation and make the 
> C++ compiler up
> and running.
> Shekhar

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