[MPICH] Errors when running code on mpi flavor of globus: Can't read MPIRUN_HOST

vikas bhardwaj vikas21 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 10:13:03 CDT 2006

I am installing mpich flavor of Globus 4.0.1 , on Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz
machine running RHEL 4 - U2. I am using mpich 1.2.7 with MVICH as
native mpi. Target is to install MPICH G2.
I am using "mpicc64" flavor of globus.

There is no problem in installation , its absolutely error free.
then i try to run a simple hello world program given at

I have properly generated makefile_header & hello.rsl files
hello.rsl is as follows

( &(resourceManagerContact="in02")
   (label="subjob 0")
   (environment=(GLOBUS_DUROC_SUBJOB_INDEX 0)
                (LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/globus/lib/))

program is getting compiled without any error but when i run it using
globusrun -w -f hello.rsl

i get following error

"Can't read MPIRUN_HOST"

the mpich installation is OK as I have tested some benchmarks (Pallas)
over that ,

then why i am getting this error , the environment variables are
getting exported when doing rsh .

Please tell the details, of the reason of the error, & guide .

Vikas Bhardwaj

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