[MPICH] Debugging MPICH2 apps on Windows

Calin Iaru calin at dolphinics.no
Wed Apr 5 10:50:16 CDT 2006

Hi all,

    I have recently encountered some problems debugging MPICH2 
applications. There are a number of ways that parallel debugging can be 
    - run as a standalone process via setpmi.bat as described in 
    - run wmpiconfigure.wsf  --enable-debugger and define 
    - start each process with mpiexec and have a debugger triggered from 
"Image File Execution Options" registry entry at process startup
All of the above fail. The first one fails even though the two daemons 
are able to communicate. I will look into it.
The second one fails because dbginit.c is not compiled, and is not added 
to the solution by wmpiconfigure.wsf script
The third one, which I use often, does not create a window station so 
the debugger is useless. Maybe, in the future, a Windows switch can be 
passes to mpiexec so that smpd can have the opportunity to create a 
process in a desktop context: OpenWindowStation, 
SetProcessWindowStation, etc

Best regards,

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