[hpc-announce] CF LIGHTNING TALKS: Monitoring and Analysis Workshop @ IEEE Cluster (10th year!)

Gentile, Ann C. gentile at sandia.gov
Mon Aug 28 08:57:33 CDT 2023

Workshop on Monitoring and Analysis for HPC Systems Plus Applications (HPCMASPA) - 10th year!
@ IEEE Cluster 2023

Santa Fe, NM USA, Oct 31 2023

HPCMASPA, held in conjunction with IEEE Cluster, is the workshop focused on monitoring, observability, and response in large-scale applications that support scientific computing, at-scale databases, financial trading, web traffic, and similar distributed workloads.

Tenth year Special Topic:
HPC, cloud, and data-analysis-focused computing are converging. New insight and assessment are needed to understand the dynamic resource demands of these computing paradigms, what constitutes figures of merit of performance for a diverse and/or integrated workload, what opportunities are there for co-scheduling and dynamic scheduling, and more. In its tenth year, HPCMASPA encourages submissions in this areas in addition to the more general areas above.

HPCMASPA solicits submissions for short (12 minute) talks.  Potential topics include, but are not limited to:
* Breaking news, new positions, and stimulating insights on the various areas above
* Driving coordinated change in monitoring and analysis tooling, software, and architectures to enable interoperability of HPC, cloud, and data-analytic workflows

Lightning talk proposals should include a few sentences describing the topic, project, or activity to be covered as well as a short outline of the proposed talk.  

Rolling submissions and notifications through OCT 6, 2023.


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