[hpc-announce] [NEW DEADLINE] ESR 3 years research grant - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action - InnoCyPES European project

Massimo Cafaro massimo.cafaro at unisalento.it
Wed May 18 04:15:10 CDT 2022

A three years research grant is available within the InnocyPES European 
project. The position is related to ESR4, for research on

Large Scale Data Management and Integration

DEADLINE: June 2, 2022

Ukranian Researchers are strongly encouraged to apply!

Downloadable application forms etc are available:
official Italian documents: 
unofficial English translation: http://sara.unisalento.it/~cafaro/page-3/
InnoCyPES announcement: 

Foreign candidates are strongly encouraged to contact Prof. Cafaro by 
email (massimo.cafaro at unisalento.it) if they need help/support in order 
to prepare their application.

A public selection procedure is called for a research grant for 
collaboration in research activities (hereinafter referred to as 
research grant), at the Department of Innovation Engineering of the 
University of Salento.
The location, the duration, the amount, the scientific disciplinary 
sector, the scientific referent, the structure available to the winner 
and the program of the research grant are specified below:

STRUCTURE Department of Engineering for Innovation, University of 
Salento, Lecce, Italy
DURATION 3 years
REMUNERATION The research grant will last 3 (three) years. The annual 
remuneration, gross of charges to be borne by the beneficiary and 
inclusive of contributions and social security charges to be borne by 
the University of Salento, consists of the following items:

1. Living allowance: Euro 40,966.56 (forty thousand nine hundred and 
2. Mobility allowance: Euro 7.200,00 (seven thousand two hundred/00);
3. Family allowance:
3.1.Euro 0 (zero) per researcher without family obligations;
3.2.Euro 6,000.00 (six thousand/00) for researchers with family 
obligations (married or with a relationship recognised by Italian law or 
that of the country of origin or with dependent children).


DESCRIPTION This is a three year “Marie Curie ETN Early Stage Researcher 
position” on the following topic. The sheer quantum of data being 
created and collected across jurisdictions requires a carefully planned 
and proactive approach to data management. The need for fusion and 
integration of multiple data sources characterized by fragmented data 
ownership is driving innovative approaches to large scale distributed 
data management and integration to avoid inconsistent and inaccurate 
data. The aim is to investigate, design and implement a fully 
decentralized solution to provide efficient management of dynamically 
updated information and support for distributed queries. One or more 
domain specific use cases shall be identified within the context of the 
project, considering both the current and future needs of some of the 
involved partners. These nicely fit into the research plan, owing to the 
need of surveying the user’s requirements to begin with; simultaneously, 
the uses cases can also be thought of as sources of advanced data 
management challenges.

For admission to the selection is required the possession of all the 
requirements provided by law for access to public employment, the 
eligibility requirements provided by the Marie Sklodowska- Curie Action 
and the following requirements:
a) Master of Science degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering 
or equivalent qualification that formally allows access to a PhD program 
in Italy;
b) an excellent academic career;
c) must not have carried out more than 4 years of research activity 
after obtaining the degree mentioned in the previous point within the 
expected starting date of the contract (indicatively fixed at 01.03.2022);
d) have a background relevant to the following areas but not limited to: 
distributed computing, databases, distributed data management, security 
and privacy; knowledge of C/C++ programming languages and time series 
archiving/analysis is a plus;
e) must not have a Ph.D. as of the contract start date;
f) must not have resided or carried out the main activity of study/work 
in Italy for more than 12 months during the 3 years preceding the date 
of the beginning of the contract;
g) have an excellent knowledge of the English language, in any case 
sufficient to ensure the performance of the activity envisaged by the 
contract and daily interaction in the working environment;
h) must not have criminal convictions or have pending criminal 
proceedings of particular gravity.
Lack of even one of the above requirements will result in exclusion from 
the selection process at any time. Qualifications obtained abroad must 
normally be previously recognized in Italy in accordance with current 
legislation. The equivalence of qualifications obtained abroad that have 
not already been recognized in Italy will be evaluated by the Selection 
Committee solely for the purpose of admitting the candidate to this call 
for selection. The qualifications must be possessed on the date of 
expiry of the deadline established for the presentation of applications 
for admission to this selection. The University of Salento guarantees 
equality and equal opportunities between men and women for the 
allocation of the grants in question and the protection of 
confidentiality in the processing of personal data, according to the 
provisions in force.

The position is officially advertised at the University of Unisalento: 


Prof.  Massimo Cafaro, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Parallel Algorithms and Data Mining/Machine Learning

  Department of Engineering for Innovation
  University of Salento, Lecce, Italy
  Via per Monteroni
  73100 Lecce, Italy

  Voice/Fax  +39 0832 297371

  Web   http://sara.unisalento.it/~cafaro
  Web   https://www.unisalento.it/people/massimo.cafaro

  E-mail massimo.cafaro at unisalento.it
  E-mail cafaro at ieee.org
  E-mail cafaro at acm.org

National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology
Via di Vigna Murata 605

  CMCC Foundation
  Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
  Via Augusto Imperatore, 16 - 73100 Lecce
  massimo.cafaro at cmcc.it



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