[hpc-announce] Table of Contents; Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience (SCPE); Vol 22 No 2 (2021)

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Continuing process of catching up (though issues till Vol 23, No 1 have 
been published ;-); Table of Contents; Scalable Computing: Practice and 
Experience (SCPE);  Vol 22 No 2 (2021):

ALL papers available (OPEN ACCESS) via: 

Introduction to the Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence for Smart 
Cities and Industries
Ashutosh Sharma, Pradeep Kumar Singh, Wei-Chiang Hong, Gaurav Dhiman, 
Adam Slowik

Special Issue Papers

Research on Construction Cost Estimation based on Artificial 
Intelligence Technology
Bin Wang, Jianjun Yuan, Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor

An IOT and Blockchain Approach for the Smart Water Management System in 
Yunyan Chang, Jian Xu, Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor

Design and Research on the Intelligent System of Urban Rail Transit 
Project based on BIM+GIS
Yan Liu, Mohd Asif Shah, Anton Pljonkin, Mohammad Asif Ikbal, Mohammad 

An IOT and Blockchain Approach for Food Traceability System in Agriculture
Jianli Guo, Korhan Cengiz, Ravi Tomar

Design and Application of College Online Education Platform Based on WebRTC
Guoliang Li, Rixing Wang, Qikun Zhou

Research on Data Security Detection Algorithm in IoT Based on K-means
Jianxing Zhu, Lina Huo, Mohd Dilshad Ansari, Mohammad Asif Ikbal

Network Virus and Computer Network Security Detection Technology 
Zhifeng Hu, Feng Zhao, Lina Qin, Hongkai Lin

A Detailed Study on GPS and GIS Enabled Agricultural Equipment Field 
Position Monitoring system for Smart Farming
Jianbo Nie, Bin Yang

Design of Intelligent Building Scheduling System for Internet of Things 
and Cloud Computing
Tiangang Wang, Zhe Mi

Research on TCP Performance Model and Transport Agent Architecture in 
Broadband Wireless Network
Lintao Li, Parv Sharma, Mehdi Gheisari, Amit Sharma

Research on Multi-Agent Systems in a Smart Small Grid for Resource 
Apportionment and Planning
Zhixian Yang, Kshuangchen Fu, Jhon Paul

Study and Research on IoT and Big Data Analysis for Smart City Development
Haixia Yu, Ion Cosmin Mihai, Anand Srivastava

Cloud based Resource Scheduling Methodology for Data-Intensive Smart 
Cities and Industrial Applications
Shiming Ma, Jichang Chen, Yang Zhang, Anand Shrivastava, Hari Mohan

Research on Mobile User Interface for Robot Arm Remote Control in 
Industrial Application
Jiangnan Ni, Vipin Balyan

A Cluster based Intelligent Method to Manage Load of Controllers in 
SDN-IoT Networks for Smart Cities
Surendra Kumar Keshari, Vineet Kansal, Sumit Kumar

Emergency Rapid Response to Epileptic Seizures - A Novel IOT Framework 
for Smart Cities
Shabana R Ziyad, Armaan Ziyad

Enhanced Secure ATM authentication using NFC Technology and Iris 
Smita S Agrawal, Parita Oza, Mahima Biswas, Neer Choksi

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Indexed in SCOPUS and in Clarivate Analytics (former Thompson Reuters) 
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