[hpc-announce] Call for Submissions: ICDCS 2021 Posters/Demos Ph.D. Student Symposium and Workshops

Rhongho Jang r.jang at wayne.edu
Wed Jan 20 13:28:16 CST 2021

[Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this Call for Submissions]

July 7-10, 2021 (tentative)
Washington DC, USA
The 41st ICDCS conference will include sessions for Posters and Demos, Ph.D. Student Symposium, and Workshops. We invite you to submit your contributions to them:

-Posters and Demos (Submission Due March 19, 2021)
We solicit demonstrations of distributed computing systems and applications and posters presenting research and development results in distributed computing systems and applications. Please refer to https://icdcs2021.us/cfdp.html for more info.
-Ph.D. Student Symposium (Submission Due March 20, 2021)
The Ph.D. Symposium aims to provide a platform for graduate students in the area of distributed computing systems to present their research ideas and ongoing research efforts. Please refer to https://icdcs2021.us/cfpphd.html for more info.
-Workshop on Efficient Artificial Intelligence for Edge Computing (Submission Due March 2, 2021)
This workshop focuses on an emerging and impactful topic, Efficient Artificial Intelligence (EAI), that facilitates edge computing by fitting AI models into the edge-AI device. Please refer to https://eai-icdcs.github.io/ for more info.
-Workshop on Next-Generation Mobile Networking and Computing (Submission Due March 5, 2021)
This workshop serves as a forum to discuss the original research work, findings, and experiences on the innovations on next-generation mobile networking and computing. Please refer to https://ngmobile2021.github.io/ for more info.
-Workshop on Artificial Intelligence based Security for Internet of Things (Submission Due March 5, 2021)
The goal of the workshop is devoted to the most recent developments of AI-based technologies for IoT security and privacy. Please refer to http://intelligentoffloading.com/aisiot/ for more info.
-Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Event Processing (Abstract Due March 12, 2021 and Full Paper Due March 15, 2021)
This workshop aims to bridge the gap to perform event processing by adopting the latest AI/ML techniques to process multimedia content. Please refer to https://d-mmep.github.io/2021/ for more info. 

-Workshop on Big Data Processing Systems (Submission Due March 5, 2021)
The BDPS 2021 serves as a forum for scientists and engineers in both academia and industry to discuss their latest work, findings and experiences on major and emerging topics on Big Data processing. Please refer to https://bdps-2021.inria.fr/ for more info.

Rhongho Jang, Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Wayne State University

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