[hpc-announce] SC21 Call for Panels: Submission is Now Open. Deadline April 30, 2021

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Tue Feb 9 20:20:08 CST 2021

* SC21 Panels Program - Call for Submissions *

SC21: The International Conference for High Performance Computing,
Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Tuesday–Friday, November 16–19, 2021

Panels create an opportunity for the community to engage in discussion on
current HPC challenges and solutions. The goal of the Panels program is to
gather diverse practitioners in sharing insightful perspectives, engaging
the broader community in dialogue, and making concrete progress toward a
specific collaborative goal.

We invite you to make a submission and to offer your encouragement and
assistance to others in making submissions. Please start your submissions
early and refine them until submissions close.

* Duration *

Each panel session is 90 minutes.

* Keywords & Phrases *

In the web form, submitters are asked to choose at least one but not more
than three from the list of keywords and phrases to describe their panel:

   - Parallel programming methods, models, languages, and environments
   - HPC software and runtime systems
   - Reproducibility
   - Architectures
   - Use of compute accelerators
   - Debugging and correctness tools
   - Performance evaluation, scalability, and portability
   - High-performance I/O, storage, archive, and file systems
   - Applications and application frameworks
   - Algorithms, numerical methods, and libraries
   - Scalable data analytics and management
   - AI, machine learning, and deep learning
   - Scientific and information visualization
   - Power use monitoring and optimization
   - Systems administration and/or resource management of HPC systems
   - Fault tolerance, reliability, maintainability, and adaptability
   - Cloud, data center, and distributed computing
   - High-performance networking
   - Computer and network security
   - Quantum computing
   - Embedded and/or reconfigurable systems
   - Collaborative environments and strategies
   - HPC education
   - “Hot topics” of current interest to the SC community

* Review Criteria *

Panels are peer-reviewed by a committee of experts. Each panel proposal
will have at least three reviewers. Panel reviews are single-blind. Panels
are evaluated on the following criteria:

- Relevance and timeliness of the topic: Is this an issue that needs to be
resolved now?

- Expectation of driving toward insight: Will the panel make a meaningful
contribution to the state of the art and for the good of the supercomputing

- Diversity of panelists: Diversity may be broadly construed to include
topical, institutional, geographic, and demographic characteristics (e.g.,
seniority, gender). How is your panel representative of the current, or of
an ideal, HPC community?

- Audience draw: Expectation of creating excitement and drawing an
audience, as evidenced by relevance and participation in similar events
(e.g., panels, workshops, conferences) at related venues.

- Approach: Effectiveness of prescribed approach in sharing and drawing out
insights, including highlighting diverse perspectives (a little friendly
controversy is often beneficial for discussion) and fostering and garnering
audience participation. The submission should include a proposed agenda for
the panel session.

- Clarity: The proposal should be clear, complete, and articulate.

* Important Dates (AOE) *

Submissions Open:   January 1, 2021

Submission Close:   April 30, 2021

Notifications Sent: June 21, 2021

* Web Submissions *


* SC21 Panels Chair *

Pavan Balaji, Facebook

* SC21 Panels Vice Chair *

Amelie Chi Zhou, Shenzhen University

* SC21 Panels Committee *

   - Sameh Abdulah, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
   - Anne Benoit, ENS Lyon
   - Wesley Bland, Intel Corporation
   - Xuntao Cheng, Alibaba Inc
   - James Dinan, NVIDIA
   - Sandy Landsberg, US Department of Defense
   - Xiaosong Ma, Qatar Computing Research Institute
   - Min Si, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
   - Jesper Larsson Träff, Vienna University of Technology
   - Jidong Zhai, Tsinghua University, China
   - Shuhao Zhang, Technical University of Berlin

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