[hpc-announce] CROW 2020 - The 1st Workshop on Cloud Resource Orchestration in the Multi-cloud Landscape

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CROW 2020 - The 1st Workshop on Cloud Resource Orchestration in the
Multi-cloud Landscape (https://crow2020.netsons.org/)

Submission deadline: May 15, 2020

In conjunction with the 8th International Conference on Future Internet of
Things and Cloud (FiCloud 2020) - http://www.ficloud.org/2020/

August 24-26, 2019 - Rome, Italy

The multi-cloud paradigm is designed to provide cloud users with a wider
range of cloud-based services to select from, according to the dynamics of
the business needs. The advantages range from increase of flexibility to
reduction of reliance on a single cloud vendor, which in turn brings
concrete benefits such as cost effectiveness, service continuity, disaster
mitigation, etc. The other side of the multi-cloud coin are the need of
thoughtful plans for data governance and compliance following the recent
GDPR directive, higher costs due to the management of the cloud sprawl,
increase of application delivery’s complexity, deployment and management
and more. In such a complex setting, a smart selection and orchestration of
the cloud resources and services available in the market need to be
enforced in order to maximize the customer’s utility. Cloud resource
orchestration involves complex operations such as the selection,
deployment, monitoring, and run-time control of resources. The overall goal
of orchestration is to guarantee full and seamless delivery of applications
by meeting Quality of service (QoS) goals of both cloud application owners
and cloud resource providers. Resource orchestration in the multi-cloud
landscape is considered a challenging activity because of both the scale
dimension that resources have reached and the proliferation of
heterogeneous cloud providers offering resources at different levels of the
cloud stack.

This workshop encourages submissions that address Cloud resource
orchestration issues in the multi-cloud landscape and propose experimental
solutions, case studies, deployed systems and best practices in that field.


- Service provisioning and monitoring in a multi-cloud environment;
- Cross cloud service and data migration;
- Service continuity;
- Orchestration of microservices;
- Machine learning techniques for Cloud orchestration;
- Blockchain-based multi-cloud orchestrator;
- Multi-cloud Resource Elasticity;
- Algorithms and Systems for Automated elasticity;
- Autonomic cloud;
- Cloud Federations;
- Data governance across multi-cloud;
- Fault management in multi-cloud provisioning;
- Disaster mitigation;
- Security policies;
- Cost mitigation strategies;
- Quality of Service and SLA in a multi-cloud environment;


Authors are requested to submit papers reporting original research results
and experience. The page limit for full papers is 8 pages, while for short
papers the limit is 4 pages. Papers should be prepared using IEEE
two-column template. CPS Proceedings Author Guidelines are available at:
Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings.

All papers should be submitted via EDAS using the following link:

The Workshop Proceedings will be part of the FiCloud 2020 Proceedings and
will be submitted for publication to IEEE Xplore (http://ieeexplore.ieee.org


Submission deadline: May 15, 2020
Notification of paper acceptance: June 8, 2020
Submission of camera-ready papers: June 15, 2020


Dr. Giuseppe Di Modica, dimodica at unict.it
Dr. Ioannis Konstantinou, ikons at cslab.ece.ntua.gr
Mr. Antonino Galletta, angalletta at unime.it


NH Roma Villa Carpegna hotel, Rome

FOR ANY OTHER INFORMATION visit https://crow2020.netsons.org/
or email us at crow2020 at googlegroups.com

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